Texas A&M San Antonio Student Work – Methods of Historical Research: Spring 2020

Photo credits: Dr. Philis Barragán Goetz’s ‘Methods of Historical Research’ class in front of the historic St. Paul Church in St. Paul Square.  Photo by Everett Fly.  Back row: Robert Grey Miller, Edward Gahan, Edwin Ocasio-Lopez, Jarred Cantú, David Harris.  Middle row: Eric Nolden, Dr. Philis Barragán Goetz, Jordan LeJeune, Patricia Garcia.  Front row: Isaac Godoy.

Methods of Historical Research is a senior seminar course required of every History major at Texas A&M University-San Antonio. Students spend the semester learning about the historian’s craft by doing it themselves. Spring 2020, Dr. Philis Barragán Goetz taught a section of Methods in collaboration with the San Antonio African American Community Archive and Museum (SAAACAM). Students researched topics related to Black history in Bexar County, focusing on the social, cultural, and political dimensions of African Americans’ experiences. These projects help fill a gap in our understanding of San Antonio history in the colonial era, the Gilded Age and Progressive era, and the post-WWII era.

The Methods of Historical Research class was established with the assistance of SAAACAM founder Everett Fly. Mr. Fly was also a class advisor. This research will assist SAAACAM in the creation of exhibits and be included in the SAAACAM archives. We hope you enjoy reading them.

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