Tell Your Story!

“Collecting and sharing African American history, one story at a time”

Share your story. Write your own page in history.

At SAAACAM, we believe that everybody has a story, especially you! We invite you to leave your unique mark in the historical record by sharing that story with us. Contributions can be made using the form below, which asks for the following:

  • A signed release form – this allows SAAACAM to include your story in future exhibits or feature it in our digital archive. SAAACAM will not be able to monetize your story, as the copyright for licensing will remain with you.
  • Your contact information – this helps SAAACAM stay in touch with you, in case we would like to follow-up on your story or if we require additional documentation.
  • Your story – this is the most important part! You will be able to write your story down, or share an audio upload of a voice recording. We also invite you to submit photos, videos, or other audio files related to your story.

If sharing online isn’t your thing, feel free to contact our administrative offices at the number below. Ask for the SAAACAM Archives department, and tell them that you’ve got a story to share!

Contact Number: (210) 724-3350

Let’s Get Started!