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“Collecting and sharing African American history, one story at a time”

Share your story. Write your own page of history.

You have a story. Every body has a story. Or hundreds. Here is your chance to tell at least one. Follow the steps below and write your real-life version of that story. Feel free to include photos, audio files and/or video files if you’d like to share those, too. After you’ve composed your contribution, hit the submit button. SAAACAM staff will include your submission in the ever-growing SAAACAM Oral History Project collection. We will have them online to read soon.


The SAAACAM Oral History Project is a collection of original stories - including text, documents, photographs, videos and audio files celebrating the African American past, present and future of San Antonio and the surrounding area.
Write about anything - your family, heirlooms a special place or memory - that connects your life to the story of San Antonio.
Start by journaling. Here is our tutorial.
Submit your story and SAAACAM experts will help you polish it. Send in video, photos or audio files. For additional help, email
SAAACAM editors work with you to edit your text for correctness and readability if necessary, and then curate your story to associate it with other stories, exhibitions, artifacts, films and events.

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