SAAACAM Digital Collections

What is an Archive?

An archive is defined as “a place in which public records or historical documents are preserved” (Merriam-Webster). Archives house archival materials, which serve as evidence of past events (Peter Van Garderen, 2007). A digital archive serves a similar purpose to a physical archive, but the historical documents and objects have been digitized (often through scanning or photography) and are made accessible online. Digital archives are typically established with the aim of preserving historical objects and making these objects easier for researchers and members of the public to access.

What is a Community Archive?

Community archives and other community-centric history, heritage, and memory projects empower communities to collect, preserve, and share their history on their own terms. They accomplish this by inviting community members to participate in the storytelling process, and by prioritizing community access to archival materials.

SAAACAM is excited to present its digital archive, which is ever-growing thanks to the contributions of community members like you!