Stories as You Sojourn

SAAACAM wants you to have quick and easy access to African American his-story. We hope you enjoy these stories submitted by community members. Feel free to submit your his-stories. We would love to include them in our archives.

Short Stories

Velma Nanka-Bruce reflects on her family's voting history. How-Can-I-Not-Vote
A reflection of racism by Lurlene Adams. Through it All, Lurlene Adams, 06.17.2020
Another reflection of racism by Peggy Weyel. Growing Up. Peggy Weyel, 06.12.2020
Read reflections of "Closing the Church" due to the COVID-19 by J.C. Edwards Closing the Church, 06.01.2020
Enjoy this short his-story by Velma Nanka-Bruce. Let Me Tell You About My Mother
Enjoy this short his-story by Velma Nanka-Bruce. Fiesta Memories, Velma, rev. 1