Message to the People. A Story of Malcolm X – DVD


One hour DVD overview of the life of Malcolm X.

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Message to the People: A Story of MALCOLM X is a historical dramatization of the life and words of, Malcolm X. This one-hour movie which portrays his image and presents his words as performed by Baba Aundar, is based on the theatrical play written and produced by Aundar- which bears the same name.

This film introduces us to the great legacy of a cultural Icon: Malcolm X also known as El Hajj Malik El Shabazz. It shows the life journey and powerful transformation of Malcolm Little to Malcolm X; spanning his childhood in Omaha, NE to adulthood as the National Spokesperson for the Nation Of Islam and founder of the Muslim Mosque Incorporated. Message to the People shows the evolution of the man himself. It sheds light on his upbringing, his travels to the Middle East and Africa while emphasizing his commitment to Black pride, self reliance, human rights and the liberation of African peoples all over the globe.