Conscious Curriculum & Conversations

Join the conversation with SAAACAM and Race Ed SA to raise your awareness of racism, unintended biases, colorism, classism, prejudices, and more. Each month, we will explore a different topic.


The month of January, we discuss White Privilege.

Wikipedia defines White Privilege as:

 the societal privilege that benefits white people over non-white people in some societies, particularly if they are otherwise under the same social, political, or economic circumstances. With roots in European colonialism and imperialism, and the Atlantic slave trade, white privilege has developed in circumstances that have broadly sought to protect white racial privileges, various national citizenships, and other rights or special benefits.


January 4 – Story Time at Hemisfair Park @ 10 AM

January 8 – Virtual Storytime @ 11 PM

January 24 – Middle School & High School Virtual Discussion

The curriculum is divided into age-appropriate sections with a myriad of fun yet thought-provoking and engaging activities.  At the beginning of each month, elementary students will engage in a virtual storytime.  Middle school and high school students will engage in a webinar with the RaceEd founders as hosts, a subject matter expert, and a licensed counselor.


Other topics include:

    • Stereotyping
    • Historic Eurocentric Education
    • Diasporic Education
    • Systemic Racism
    • Cultural Celebrations
    • Racial Pride/Black Dignity
    • Allyships

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