Conscious Curriculum & Conversations

Join the conversation with SAAACAM and Race Ed SA to raise your awareness of racism, unintended biases, colorism, classism, prejudices, and more. Each month, we will explore a different topic.


For November, we discuss historic Eurocentric Education or Eurocentrism. Eurocentrism is defined as “a worldview centered on Western civilization,” and more specifically refers to a feeling of European exceptionalism in regards to historical advancement. As a concept, it has recently been developed as a result of an era of Western imperialism directed at the rest of the world.

This phenomenon of Eurocentric thought has permeated our society, and has had a significant impact on how educational institutions are run. For example, growing up in America, we are all taught about Columbus’ heroic “discovery” of North America. This story fails to consider the perspective of those who were colonized, and instead focuses on the achievements of the European colonizers despite the violent, forceful nature of their “discovery.” Upon learning the true nature of this well-known historical event, many questions are raised: Why is history still being taught in a skewed way? Is it skewed at all, or does it simply state the truth of European exceptionalism? By perpetuating inaccurate historical accounts, is it more harmful to modern society and education?

November 2 – Story Time at Hemisfair Park

November 13 – A Day of Racial Reckoning and Healing

November 22 – Middle School & High School Virtual Discussion

The curriculum is divided into age-appropriate sections with a myriad of fun yet thought-provoking and engaging activities.  At the end of each month, elementary students will engage in a virtual storytime.  Middle school and high school students will engage in a webinar with the RaceEd founders as hosts, a subject matter expert, and a licensed counselor.


Other topics include:

    • Stereotyping
    • Diasporic Education
    • White Privilege
    • Systemic Racism
    • Cultural Celebrations
    • Racial Pride/Black Dignity
    • Allyships

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