The San Antonio African American Community Archive and Museum (SAAACAM) prides itself on providing a professional environment.

SAAACAM volunteers are organized according to their relation to a standing committee of the organization, as explained in the SAAACAM By-Laws Article II, Section 2 through 16. The mission of SAAACAM is to collect and preserve the shared history of African Americans in the San Antonio region. All of the work performed in commitment and service to the organization’s mission, vision, goals and objective statements is performed by volunteers of the Board of Directors, Advisory Committee, Friends and select members. Therefore, working with SAAACAM to serve our diverse array of constituent communities and grow our sphere of influence carries with it a uniquely special and purposeful opportunity. Service to SAAACAM requires a great deal of care, collaboration, pride and shared responsibility. 

Volunteers are an integral part of SAAACAM, a dynamic non-profit organization whose mission is to collect and preserve the shared history of African Americans in the San Antonio region. Working with SAAACAM to serve the local community and preserve our cultural history is a unique opportunity. We hope you will find your association a matter of both pride and satisfaction that will be mutually productive and enjoyable to all parties involved.

Board of Directors

La Juana Chambers Lawson, President and Board Chair

Wayman Griffin, Vice President and Programs Committee Co-Chair

Sallie Frederick, Secretary and Education Committee Chair

Rachell Hathaway, Membership/Stewardship Committee Co-Chair

Janine Richards, Membership/Stewardship Committee Co-Chair

Tracy Watts, Communications/Public Relations Committee Co-Chair

George Frederick, Co-Founder and Programs Committee Co-Chair


Debra Sue Brandon, Friends and Museum Coordinator

Charles Gentry, Communications/Public Relations Committee Co-Chair

D.L. Grant, Research Committee Chair

Velma Nanka-Bruce, History Harvest Coordinator

Amber Anderson, Programs Committee Co-Chair

Tyrande Zhang, Finance Committee Chair

Betty Harris, Finance Committee Vice Chair

Lurlene Adams

Ann Edwards

Charla Hutchens

Susan Glosson

Anita McKinney

Maria Williams


Everett Fly, Co-Founder

Michelle Lugalia-Hollon, Kronkosky Charitable Foundation

Chaitra Powell, African American Collections and Outreach Archivist at University of North Carolina Southern Historical Collection

Staff (Interns)

Tyrande Zhang, Bookkeeper